SUSHI OYAMA Coquitlam. One of my great prides of this past year.

This new branch of Sushi Oyama was so much fun to do. OK, yes it was stressful dealing with the hiccups with trades etc especially when I did not speak the same language with some of them. BUT in the end, I can honestly say this is an elegant, inviting Japanese Dining House that offers not only great food and pricing but a great ambiance that is so often missing in other Sushi restaurants. Love seeing the great reviews it has received online.

We literally gutted the old space that existed from a previous restaurant and started from scratch. The water features here really add to the appeal of this dining room.

The entire design and layout, all finishes, lighting, and decor from the beginning to the end was planned and seen to completion by Alana’s Touch including the signage in the front. Street appeal is HUGE so on this quiet street we needed to Wow the passers by.

front sign

front water feature wall - Copyfront booths - Copy  water feature booth seatingtatami room curtain - Copyfront desk - Copycenter - Copyfront booths 1 - Copy Back seating 1 - Copy       fireplace wall - Copy

front area - CopyIMG_20120916_144309 - Copy


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