*ABOUT Alana

about Alana picAlana’s Touch Innovative Interiors and Decor is an award winning design service that has made it’s mark on the lower mainland through the inspired and passionate design eye of its’ founder, Alana Godin.

Design has been Alana’s passion for as long as she can remember. Since branching out to starting her own business in 2004, Alana has been the inspiration and drive that has taken several homes, restaurants, hotels, show homes and condo buildings to a whole new level, making them spaces to remember for their style, elegance, function and comfort.

Working along side you, Alana will guide you through the sometimes daunting world of renovation and design. From residential redecoration to entire re-contruction projects spanning large commercial properties, Alana has acquired a rare-found level of design wisdom that can be applied to inspire any level of interior space planning and design need.

2 thoughts on “*ABOUT Alana

  1. Gina says:

    hi there, do you consult in North Vancouver?

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