colour trends

Check out 2015 Benjamin Moore Colour Trends:




Colour is one of the most important factors in designing your home or business space that will set the mood and impact greatly the aesthetics of your home. Colour communicates personality and has even been shown to affect one’s health and sense of well being. With the help from a Colour Consultation by Alana’s Touch you can determine what your  most suited colour palette is. What colours speak to you and make you feel most at home.

Colour is dominant in fashion and home decor. Every year new colours come our way in the retail world and before we know it we are taking part in the new colour fashions, if not by choice, by the fact that finding decor and fashions in any other colour schemes presents difficulty and we find we are limited to that season’s colour trends.

As a designer I look to Benjamin Moore for a forward leader to guide us in Colour Trends for that year.

Check out this Benjamin Moore  link to see Colour Trends for 2014

colour trends banner.


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