3D Digital Renderings

Technology has made the task of drawing up elevation designs and space plans so much more efficient. The art of building a 3D plan of your space makes it possible to envision walking through the new rooms, giving you the luxury of having a clear visual of how the space will look and feel once the re-design is complete. This pre-visualization tool allows us to build a model in scale which we can modify colours, layout, finishing materials and decor to show several options to you, the client. This can save you not only unnecessary sleepless nights worrying about design decisions, but can also save you time and money by assuring the design is done right the first time. When working with trades they will be given clear picture boards of what the finished product should look like, alleviating the potential for miscommunication.
The initial build of a room can take between 2-8 digital design hours depending on size and details but once this 3d plan is created it will be filed and available at any time down the road when you are considering another change to the space, ie., adding in a new furniture piece, new paint colours, new arrangement of furnishings.

Invest in a 3D plan for your home or business and let’s rebuild the surroundings today!

basement 3d with plans

3D plan example

rec room 1

model of living room 2 master bed and bath 1a master bed and bath 1 master bath 1 master 2c1 master 2b Main floor plan w island3 kitchen family room 3 kitchen family room 1 guest bath 1 great room wall unit 2 great room living3


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